Adding the Atlassian Maven Repository

I recently started developing some Plugins for JIRA and Confluence. Once there you got your setup working, there’s a lot of comfort for developers. But there are some things you need to know.

I use IntelliJ IDEA running on a Mac. Everything was fine till I wanted to use additional Libraries in my Project. I always run into the Problem that Maven can’t resolve my Dependencies.

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Me and the folks at Digitale Initiativen did this Hackathon in February and it was a blast. We didn’t expect it but we had more then 40 participants and up to 80 people in the audience during the presentations.

I’m not sure what kind of impact it head on the local WebDev Community but I think we got a little bit of media presence and had the chance to spread some love about code and development – our passion. That’s a good thing.

Since back in the days, when I did a lot of Flash Development (and even before) I enjoy developing games. (Almost) never did it as a profession, so my skills are modest – to be honest. But still, I love it. A good thing about Game Design and Development is, that people are always interested in this stuff. So I’m doing a Game Development talk trilogy at the VlbgWebDev Meetup and people still seem to be interested. So it was just a step to gather for a GameJam.

That’s what we’ll be doing on the 26th of September. I’d love to see you there.


Impressions of the Art of Hosting Training

I made a little video showing some impressions of the Art of Hosting Training in St. Gerold. The Harvesting team decided very spontaneously to create a video of the days, so the equipment wasn’t really professional. To me the result is as one can feel the atmosphere of St. Gerold at least a little bit… and hey, there are turkeys in the video.